It is time for everyone to meet our herd sire. Destiny. I bought Destiny from Sue Ward in 2001.

GCH (pending) Peace Valley CS Destiny

As I said I bought Destiny from Sue Ward in 2001 and used him exclusively on the 2001 & primarily on the 2002 breeding seasons. His kids are showing some width and length. as show by Rojae Farms D Ginger -a dry yearling- who went Reserve under Daniel Considine 21 June 2003. I only have one milking Yearling, Rojae Farms D Pearl, this year out of Destiny, but she did well also with 2x 1st, 1x 3rd, and 1x 5th.

Destiny is a big boy scaling out around 300.

2003 Show Record for Destiny:

Grand Under Greg Murphy - Salem, AR
Reserve under Cathy Pindell - Salem, Ar
Grand under Greg Murphy - Sedalia, MO
Reserve under Stephen L Richter - Sedalia, MO
Grand under Daniel Considine - Springfield, MO
Grand under Beverly Mills - Springfield, MO
Grand under Lisa Sieber -Springfield, MO
Reserve DistV LaMancha Speciality under Allen Bitter - Springfield, MO
Reserve DistV Speciality under Greg Murphy - Tonganoxie, KS
Grand under Jennifer Lohman-Peterson - Tonganoxie, KS

I would like to thank all these judges for noticing and rewarding Destiny.