Dune-Hill Acorn 1*M

Recorded Grade {50% AN 50% AL} Acorn is our matron doe here at Rojae Farms. We have many of her daughters and grand-daughters, all are turning out to be fine milkers and show girls. I retired Acorn this year due to old age, she still comes through the barn twice a day to get her meals {and a drag off my cigerette} and a daily petting session. I have no good pictures of Acorn, but will be retaking pictures soon.

Dune-Hill E. Spice 2*M

Recorded Grade {75% AL 25% AN} Spice, an Acorn daughter, received her star in a one day milking competition in May 1998. She has a very nice topline and stands on good feet and legs. Her udder has a wide rear and fore attachments. I fault this doe on udder shape, but her kids have not shown this fault, in fact Dune-Hill Cindy Rhoads took a BUIS. I had great expectations for Cindy in the ring before she broke a rear knee.

Spice took Reserve to a BEAUTIFUL sable doe in Alton on May 20, 2000, then took Reserve to an AWESOME LaMancha type doe May 21, 2000 in the District 5 Recorded-Grade Speciality Show in Yellville, AR.

Nutmeg, a 2000 Spice girl {R} Spice {L}

Dune-Hill Cindy Rhoads, a 1997 Spice Girl {L} Cindy with Spice {R}

Recorded Grade {75% AL 25% AN} This doe I bred while still using my mother's herd name. Jane, an Acorn daughter, is showing great capacity for milk production like her mother. I am more impressed with her this her as a two year old. Her body capacity has doubled in the last year and she has grown taller. Her udder is attached well fore and rear, but I fault here on width across the rear attachment area. Jane belongs to my son who will show her this season.

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