Tips, Tricks, and Trivia

  • Put 1 tbs. of pure apple cider vinager in bucks water to prevent kidney stones. {Urinary Caculi}
  • Keep a long handled brush hanging near your water spigot. It is surprising how many more times you will remember to clean out the water buckets with one so handy.
  • Never trust one latch on a gate. {goats are amazing escape artists}
  • Gestation length for a goat is 145-155 days.
  • If you happen to own LaManchas the most common question asked of you will be: 'What happened to thier ears???'
  • Keep your 20 oz soda bottles, lambar nipples fit on them perfectly and make switching your kids to the lambar much easier.
  • Take a couple of different hays to a show, variety sometimes entices them to eat.
  • Does typically have 1-3 kids.
  • Nubians are the most common breed in the USA.
  • A tag with the does registration number, tatoos, and kidding dates will help you out at a show if you have alot of goats to remember.

These tips, tricks and trivia were found in 'The Goat Pen' club newsletter for 'The Pride of the Ozarks Goat Breeders'. If you have any to add, email them to me and I will add them to this page.